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The survivors season 4

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Unlike my last three seasons this one will have a type of plot
after we kill all the gravemind's we will become the hunted the new owner of project survivour has sent headhunters to hunt us down we will be running and fighting for our lives seeking help from anyone we will be forced to work as a team and become the hunters

phoenix slowly starts to wake up and feels he cannot move
[Unknown location]

Debris from the recently destroyed covenant ship begin falling through the atmosphere. The extreme heat melts off clinging Flood pods. The rear half disintegrates as it falls, multiple hull breaches allowing the heat to melt the ship from the inside out. The front does far better. It falls at great speed towards the ground but heavier armor allows it to survive the cooking the rest of the ship suffered. The impact shakes the ground and finishes off the dying ship. Smaller less notable shrapnel peppers the countryside with blackened specs, but one of those specs activates a beacon that reads... [Encrypt SX3359: Recovery beacon, IFF S-115: Decrypt SI8011]
Pheonix looks down and sees himself wrapped in flood tentical's
"what happened"
says pheonix weakly and tries to break free
(Manss already told me something but I still don't get it. I've missed 20 pages. What'swith everybody and where was the battle with the flood!!!!! TNX)
(hmmm... Uh... Over a planet in the universe)
(OK really helpfull LOL, what an unknown planet. Retribution is BOM BOM right? Anybody else had and has weird problems with Halo Waypoint?)
(Yah just a minute ago there was a error)
(And the font is different, but not when it's submited)
[In a ship hovering in space }
Riser has Serenity load the files to his ships computer
"Elizabeth: Whats on there?"
"Riser: Let just say they probably didn't want us to look at these files...

(Ya my browser said it was a untrusted site.)
Section and Vedo explore the ruined base


Vedo: *flash back*

Section: You alright

Vedo: You

Section: ?
He then tries his com
"can anyone hear me"
says phoenix
Section: Wait are you ok?

Vedo: *shoot him with his laser*


Vedo: (he being brainwash) I control the forerunner planet, I was the first to create the weapon, and you can not LEAVE THIS PLANET (anyone know "you can not leave this planet" came from :P)

Section: O_O
Rose gets out of her Pelican and takes Black and Revy, who are both still asleep, to their quarters on the Retribution, and goes to the bridge to play darts, but instead with knives.
"Can anyone hear me"
says pheonix in his radio
(I have no clue where Dodger is. I'm assuming Boss has him and Phoenix.)

Dodger slowly comes too, being amassed in Flood tentacles. And he cannot move, a tentacle around his mouth, preventing him from speaking. What happened?
"Dodger is that you"
says phoenix
(Retribution crashed right?)
''Hmm Blake... '' Caboose said to Blake. ''What now Caboose. I'm triing to figure out how are we going to get out of this canyon. I don't even know if the others have made it.'' Blake replied. ''Yeah. There's a guy talking ablout something from this small box'' Blake quickly turned to the radio and hears Pheonix. ''This is spartan Blake. I hear you.''...
[Barracks, Infinity]

After his workout Ezra returned to his barracks. "Wake me if I'm needed to assist the other Spartans," Ezra told Vitrus as he falls asleep.
Dodger looks over, and sees Phoenix. He moves his head, unable to speak.

(Retribution is heavily damaged. And Heather died from trying to use her ability to a great extent (Flood termination, ship sealing, human controlling etc.))
(Well than Blake just got trapped in the canyon for a some lame reason. Don't ask how he got there... Still need to work on that part)
Blake continued to speak through the radio: ''Who is on the other line. This is spartan Blake can you read.''
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