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What forge maps did you build or like

OP BloodToken1014

Me i build my first swat map and it is cool and lots of area's you can find to duck,hide or run away from your foe it's called TSOW SWAT i will upload to file share once i have gold
I built a sky base!
I always enjoyed trash compactor from halo 3 it was a fun thing to play with friends and be goofy. I hope someone remakes it for Halo 5 because I can't figure out how to download to the collection.
I love remaking maps from previous Halo games.

You can check them out on my Youtube Channel if you want :)

They are all also available on my fileshare.
I built this epic two team base with hidden weapons all around. You can download it from my file share for halo 4 called AWSOME 2.
In Reach I built a ship with a hanger, bridge, living quarters and drop pods
I've made like capture the flag and bases team slayer maps
D-day style maps
Anything INteresting
the first forge map I ever made, was a map In reach called "Heaven" where it was a race around the entire map starting above the water, and after circling the entire main island of forge world, it went up to the highest point you could go (where it is a flat area above a hangar bay). If the player reached that point in the map, he would find all of the weapons in the game, as well as all of the vehicles. (and some golf balls / golf clubs for good measure). ;)