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2-Player Fireteam Raven

OP Plastic Hassle

For those who are interested, here's some information on the upcoming 2-player version of Fireteam Raven.

Article: IAAPA 2018 Wrap-Up #1: The Beatles, Fantasy Soccer, Halo & House of the Dead

Video: Halo: Fireteam Raven 2-player model by Raw Thrills (IAAPA 2018)
This is intriguing!

The gameplay looks a bit different - only 2 ODSTs fighting, for one.
Introduction of those slow-mo sequences with circle targets, which if not destroyed result in a failed mission!? That's very new!
And some of the sequences and enemy encounters look different as well.

I wonder if Halowaypoint will distinguish on the service record which version you play - as I imagine the possibility for scores will be different, based on the different encounters.

I feel like I have more questions, but can't think of them right now ;)
now we just need a 1 player version
1 player would be pretty cool.
Is it weird to want to go the other way and want a eight player arcade machine?