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Arcade Machine Availability

OP Krisander 1998

Will Halo: Fireteam Raven get released outside of US later on? I live in Norway and there is almost no where to play Arcade games anymore (since videogames became more popular in early 2000s). Are there gonna be Fireteam Raven arcade machines available for sale for private use? Wish there was any Dave and Busters over here.
Raven is already available outside of the US, lots of countries have had it for a few months now. There is a list here but it's not fully up to date right now I don't think, you can always reach out to your local arcade and see if they have plans to bring one there or if they would be interested in doing so.

Regarding private sale, I would reach out to Raw Thrills about that. They are available for private sale :)
Thanks for the list, sadly Norway isn't very Arcade friendly because back in the early 2000s they made Arcades almost illegal because they were quote ¨Gambling Machines¨, since then there are no Arcade areas in Norway anymore except in Oslo even tho its legal to play and own arcades again. It sucks