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Finally Found one in the UK!


I got to play Fire Team Raven in an arcade in Skegness, UK. I have to say, the sound and cinematic feel of the game is great. I loved it when the Master Cheif jumps out and kicks his way through the Covenant to the escape pod, just like Halo:CE. Getting behind the guns on the Autumn, the chain-gun in the Warthog, very enjoyable.

I really enjoyed the gameplay and the mechanics, but did anyone else find it too hard?

I only got the second level after putting in about £3 (£1 per go) - I know it had the shield bar as a health bar, but it did seem too easy to die. I thought that maybe having 3 health packs would be better. I would love to play it more, but you could easily spend a lot of money playing.

I know it came to America, is it expensive to play, $1 or $2?, based on how quickly you can die?