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Fire team raven brought to MCC


I got to play fire team raven be for the pandemic but the closet place to me to go back and play it again is an hour to an hour and 1/2 away so it got me thinking as I was watching some YouTube vids on it.I think it would be cool if 343 redid the game so it could be put on MCC especially since the pandemic hit to me the game was kind like a prequel to ODST and it would be a good way to keep players happy while we wait for H6
please tell me what you think
I would love this to be ported to the xbox one.

I recently got Spartan Assault simply because it was some more Halo to play even though it's not the type game I normally do.

An arcade first or third person shooter would be a lot of fun. Especially if all weapons were bottomless mags.
That would be epic if that ported it. Whenever i have the chance I'll try to find the nearest one to me :/