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Halo Fire team Raven is Fire

OP MasterUchiefha

idk when i first played fire team raven, it was cool to see the masterchief in game while you play as someone else. although i tried to log in to my halowapoint account to try and get my data saved for that game, and it didnt work. i still had fun playing by myself. i recomend you go and play it
Sorry to hear about the account not updating, maybe it just needs some time? Either way I am glad to hear you enjoyed the experience, I think I will finally be able to make it to my local D&B this August!
Yeah the game is a lot of fun. More than I was expecting to be honest. lol. Hoping I can make it back one day and go through the story with the other three characters.
Too bad, you don't have it here in Brazil.
It honestly was a lot better than I was expecting from an arcade shooter. Story in it was actually pretty good as well.
So how does one actually play Fireteam Raven?
So how does one actually play Fireteam Raven?
My apologies, I am a Noob to this 😅