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Halo: Fireteam Raven

OP GreatDane095

I just got home from playing Fireteam Raven at Dave and Busters, and it was great! Finished it in about 40-50 minutes but forgot to save it to my HaloWaypoint acc. It was fun and I played it on Co-op with my younger brother. I can not TELL YOU how excited I got when I saw chief pull up. Great game, 9/10, cost about $30 per person to beat the game in full. I recommend it to anyone who has played all the games and is looking for more!
yeah they really have a few parts where its impossible to not die and u gotta keep puttin money in but thats how all arcade games are i suppose. lol
I wish I knew I could save my data! I just played it last night with all my friends. It was my third playthrough of it and it’s still so fun.