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Is Halo Fireteam Raven Canon


I know there isn't much debate around this topic, but I gonna say it only one time, Fireteam raven is not canon! The reason its not canon is because first of all, why is there halo 4 vehicles that were only created after halo 3 by the storm covenant in Halo CE!

Second, If you've read "Halo the flood", you would know at the final hours of Installation 04 the remaining UNSC (except for Johnson and master chief) were hijacking "the truth of reconciliation" to escape the halo ring. AI Wellsey knew that if there was even one Flood carrier form aboard, Earth would fall. So he activated the self destruct system of the truthof reconciliation and prevented the flood from spreading. Something I'd like to add is the remaining UNSC didn't even know if the chief was alive.
But! in fireteam raven the UNSC are helping the master chief destroy the halo ring, in dumbest FU**ING battle I've ever seen.

Third, Why is there "pure flood forms" When there isn't even a full Gravemind! I'd also Like to add, why is there falcons, when they weren't even in the Pillar of autumn's arsenal. There are also phantoms and drones when they weren't even in the Covenant's (the ones that were at the halo ring) arsenal.

Well that just about wraps it up, hopefully now you know why fireteam raven is complete BS.
It is canon. I agree with you though, it has a number of issues that cause a lot of confusion for lore fans.
343 Has never officially confirmed that fireteam raven is canon therefore none of us can prove our points. But if you put all of the puzzle pieces together you will see that fireteam raven doesn't fit with the timeline. Sure, it has a bunch of characters we know and love from "halo the flood" but that does not make it canon. you will see that in that article there is no occurrence where 343 states it is canon.