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Is there Flood in this game?

OP Solar Bruh

The Flood are my favorite type of enemies in halo. Are they in this game or no?
Did you even watch the reveal trailer.....?
i watched some of it
Yep! I believe the 3 last missions out of the 6 contain flood.
I love to see the Flood jugernaut in a halo game, that model really looks awesome
Yes this game does include the flood.
There are also all of the pure forms there if im not mistaken.
yes on the 3 mission
Yes, the flood plays a significant part in Fireteam Raven. The game takes place during the events of Halo CE so there are a number of tie ins, too.
And, This game has one of the flood from the pc verssion of halo ce. The name escapes me.... its the one with big tenticle arms that is a mini boss in raven. I appreciate that they added it and that it dose interesting things
When I finished Halo 3, I was excited that I wouldn't have to fight the flood ever again. Then I found this post.