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The average cost to complete the whole game?

OP A So So Sniper

I'm thinking of taking 2-3 friends with me to Dave and Buster's to play through the entire Fireteam Raven game, all expenses to complete the game on me. I'd like to know, in the United States, the initial cost to play the game and the average number of respawns per player, so I know how much money I'll be spending for the complete experience. I watched Luke theNotable's video on it and he said it cost around $25 dollars to beat the game, but I don't know if that was just for him or the total cost between him and his friends.

The more people reply, the easier I can find the average cost. This thread might help others as well, so please, tell me your experience with this game. Thanks in advance!
During regular priced times at D&B it cost me a little bit less than $20 worth of chips to beat the whole game.

Now, that cost depends on if you were to play on Wednesday for half price games (I didn't), and also your average price per chip.

I think the more chips you load onto a card, the cheaper they are.
in Australia, it cost me and my friend $30 Australian dollars to complete the whole thing, they usually have offers that give you extra money for certain amounts of money payed so look out for them. in Sydney we have it in the arcade called Timezone so it may be different over there.
I had a group of 3 people that played yesterday. I loaded my card up with $40 worth of chips (it was their "supercharge" deal to get 250 tokens). My card paid for two of us (the other friend paid for her own). It carried us through the whole game, but we did run out of chips on our last life.

Overall, I'd say to play it safe, bring $30 worth of chips.
Overall, I'd say to play it safe, bring $30 worth of chips.
$20 to $30 in chips is a solid guess and be sure to do so on a Wednesday because all games are half price! Its the best time to go
I don’t know the total cost but I signed up for Dave&Busters Rewards and they emailed me a “buy $10 worth of chips and get $10”. I spent $12 on their supercharge offer and got the $10 added to the card for free. I then went back on half price Wednesday and played through the whole game. I still have a bunch of credits left on my card. So it was less than $12 for me easily.