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OP MystryStrngr

Apparently the list of locations for Fireteam Raven is months out of date, and so I'm asking if it can be updated as on the list, the closest one is hours away, and I don't want to risk going if there's one closer or if it isn't there anymore
If you have any bar/arcade/bowling alley type places around I would call them to check. I found the machine I played on in a location that was not a Dave & Buster's.
JB Linken is correct calling is the best bet. The nearest one to me that I knew of was about an hour and 40 min. Away. And as I planned my road trip to visit it this spring I got a piece of junk in the mail and as I went to trash it I discovered an ad on the back for a new place that just opened within like 5 miles of me that got the game so now I can go whenever. But you will probably not get that lucky so make some calls. New locations are still getting it; and my location is not a d&b either so don't just call them.
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any update on a possible location in germany?
Does the list still need updating?
I'm curious about this list too. I know some local places have it but not sure if QR scanners work since it is not on the list?
SMOK69KMK wrote:
any update on a possible location in germany?
Gamestate in Netherlands (Utrecht or Amsterdam) are next to the Germans, as well there are locations in Switzerland.