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what the -Yoink- is fire-team raven

OP WaterThrone589

i have no idea what the -Yoink- fireteam raven is and i wanna know
It is a super fun arcade game. Can be found in it's larger and most awesome 4 person configuration or a small 2 player version. If you can find one it's super fun. If in the States most Dave and Busters have one... Trick is with the state of the current quarantines and lockdowns might not be the easiest to get to play right now.

Here is a review/overview IGN did on it.
What’s up with this hunt the truth tho
Halo: Fireteam Raven is a 2-4 players on rails arcade game. It’s really fun, and you can check the halopedia article here:
Arcade game
KingOHeart wrote:
What’s up with this hunt the truth tho
false propaganda