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I wish this was annually! So Worth it!

OP DarkJediMasterX

I attended the Halo Outpost Discovery in Houston, TX and coming into the event I didnt watch any YouTubers coverage. I only went in with the information provided by the website or some blogs and I was blown away. I will be sharing my own experience on my YouTube channel after I get back home, but let me share some of it with you here.

Hall of History:
Showing off a good run down of the timeline, characters, the covenant, showing off props, a life size Warthog and the scannable AR icons was immersive to me and it let anyone really get a feel for its universe.

Pelican Training:
I feel I got a bad group for this one which made the experience a bit sour. You are needing to communicate and trying to complete 3 stages while the Pelican goes under some bad damages. They have light effects, but what would have really made this more immersive would be to have smoke, bursts of air, small warning noises to really bring in that panic mode and urgency. Overall tho was a unique experience that I would do again.

Ring Experience:
This was like going through an interactive museum in a sense. You learn about the Halo ring, then moves on to different elements of the ring and shows familiar characters like the Flood and 343 Guilty Spark. The dome experience itself was cool, but I feel it would have been much better if more happened throughout the dome or if it was in VR.

Target Range, Combat Deck, VR Training Grounds:
Target Range was just fun target practice with nerf bullets being shot at a screen. Definitely good fun. Combat Deck (laser tag) was my #2 favorite thing to do because the laser tag sounds, feel, TDM style, response, and fun factor was very high for me. However Training Grounds VR was #1. Its a 3v3 TDM style gameplay with just plasma pistols and it was SO good! The only thing I didnt do was Covenant Escape.

They had other things you could do to kill some time like LAN tournaments, console gaming on all the Halo games, and of course Reach PC version. I played Reach on PC and it was butter smooth. I cannot wait for it to release on PC! The main stage had cool shows, but the cosplay contest was one of the best.

I could be here forever talking about this event, but I definitely have feedback to make it better if they do plan to make it an annual thing.

- make an announcement in the expo hall when signings are capped
- exclusive eSport competitions where we dont hear the player commentary (to avoid foul language being heard), just the casters.
- explain how people get the dog tags
- a lounge where the halo films play on loop, just a place to relax
- have wait times added to the app
- sponsored merch to buy (ex: Astro). Having other gaming companies like GFUEL, Gamer Goo, etc at the expo.
- multiple signing sessions for the guests in a single day (ex: Steve at 12:30pm and then again at 5:30pm

Thats all I got for now. Let me know your thoughts on the event. Thanks for reading!
I like your post but I disagree about the use of VR for the Halo experience. I think the dome was fine, albeit the image was very dim. They should have used multiple projectors overlapping. As for beverages, Bawls would be great. What is Gamer Goo??
I think the target range and the other boomco activety where you just shoot everyone, should get a dog tag.

Many events needed fixes and tweaking. However the staff at each event and activity were excellent to say the least. They took time to fix problems and thourgly explain things.

Speaking of staff, they handed out the regular dog tags if you asked for one, which was nice. They also engaged in banter and had jokes, and even did trivia from time to time.