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Achievements not unlocking

OP Deathgazer II

I've been trying to finish up some achievements on Halo Wars: Deluxe Edition on Xbox One. I've noticed that the achievement trackers and even the achievements unlocking are bugged. For instance the achievement "Playin' The Field" where you have to win a skirmish game as each leader is not unlocking. I can go to my service record and see that I have multiple recorded wins with each leader. But the achievement still is showing 0%. I have tried signing out and back in as well as a hard reset with no luck. Has anyone had similar issues and is there a known solution to completing the achievements? Thanks in advance.
I have an issue with Mr. Punctal, you're not alone.
Id keep playing and just give it some time. I think alot of the achievements have a delay, at times. Be patient and if they don't pop up at some point soon, post here again and maybe an admin will know something
Be nice if we could get a fix for this. I don't want to spend 50 hours doing Mr. Punctual over and over again.