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Can 343 please add a random map option?

OP LegionReiya

I would be nice if I could I could just put the map on "random all map", "random 2v2 map", random 1v1 map, random 3v3 map.
What do you mean by Random Map? You mean like it picks a map at random? I just select a map without has pretty much the same effect. Once I set up the AI/opponents I want, I just scroll through the provided maps without even looking and then just select a map.
You can start up skirmish, I believe it picks a random map. Then whatever you get is whatever you play. Or you can get a random number generator, assign numbers to maps and whatever you get is what you play.
Yea ut would be but are they gonna do something that small, probably
not because they are too focused on hinfinite.
Halo Wars was released in 2009. I don't see 343 Industries spending any time on tweeking anything with this game. Their focus is elsewhere