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does anyone play halo wars DE?

OP TheReloadFreak

when ever i go to the multiplayer on halo wars DE no one ever joins! so is it cause i'm not patient or does one play??
I remember trying to find games even when the game was relatively new, like months after release, and I had trouble. I'd imagine it's because very low number of people playing, nothing to do with your patience. Halo Wars 2 being out doesn't help the numbers lol.
which i find kinda strange that theres not enough people to do even a 1v1 with the fact that theres always someone playing every Halo and the fact that its on steam
I still play, albeit not all that often. If I'm pissed at HW 2 for whatever reason and no one good is on the OG, I host 1s on DE.
I play quite often if you ever need a partner or 2!