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Halo Wars DE: How are they so god damn fast?

OP NightlyKBunny12

Hello all,

How are players on HW:DE so fast? Its ridiculous!!!

I thought for a long time I was good at this game, when I played on my X360 with a controller, does having a controller with this game give you significant advantages?

Is there a glitch that hasn't been patched?
I would love to know if any of you are willing to inform me of ways to speed up my gameplay so I can remain competitive.

I am encountering players who, time after time show ridiculous speed. Almost to the point where I am suspecting "hacking", but it can't be? Glitches maybe?
I'm really hoping I have just missed out on a huge glitch or some part of valuable knowledge, I know its a shot in the dark but I would appreciate advice on this matter.
Fast as in their cursor is moving fast across the map or their units are super fast?
APM (actions per minute). The more you play the faster you get. If you're using mouse and keyboard, you're probably just not used to it yet.
There shouldn't be an advantage to playing on controller, some people are just crazy good at multitasking and making good use of the hotkeys.