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Halo Wars DE LAN request topic

OP ThreadShadow

343i, please add LAN ability to Halo Wars DE. The original 360 version featured it, and I see the DE version doesn't. I've been making a lot of LAN requests lately.
If 343i is unable or unwilling to add native LAN to the following titles, could they at least update the Halo 5 Guardians Local Server App to support all the currently released Halo titles?
Halo Wars 2 all modes
Halo Wars DE all modes
Halo Spartan Assault co-op mode

That way, along with Halo 5, people can play co-op, and multi-player locally together in these Halo games without Gold. Thanks for your consideration and hard work!
Yeah this would be awesome, would be a great way to keep these modern versions of the games alive.

I am currently playing Halo Wars DE and Halo Wars 2 on PC and XB1 and loving them both. LAN across the board would be amazing.