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Halo Wars: DE Service Record?

OP The Ragin Pagan

Title's pretty much the question. Will our service records for Halo Wars: DE ever be added to the site?
I was wondering the same thing. Why does this great game get the cold shoulder, waypoint?
Halo Wars is a very old game, and even with DE, not many people play it. With so few players, there's not much of a point adding that sort of thing. That's how they see it at least.
This was a question of mine when the game was first announced.
2 months, I hope this thread isn't too old to be posting in.

But I also agree, I would love to see something on Waypoint for the service record of DE.
Even if it were SUPER basic, like achievement tracking.

The original 360 game would be nice too, but I think that's basically a lost cause.
Please 343 make this happen