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How do you play Halo Wars?

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What is Halo Wars and how do you play it?
Halo Wars is a real time strategy game. You can play it on PC, Xbox 360, or Xbox 1. If you mean how do you play it as in a tutorial, play the campaign. The first level is a good tutorial.
my advice is that you do not buy it for the online, the online does not find items, is dead, they are not able to join servers
Today I created a 2v2 game and only 1 person joined in the whole morning, but 4 people? hehehe impossible
If you want to buy the campaign is very good
if the online fix is possibly the best strategy game but as they do not it is dead
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I enjoy playing Halo Wars casually, i don't play online. I like going through the campaign cause it's fun, and standard skirmish matches against the AI help pass time.
Halo Wars DE is currently being sold on Steam for about £14 ($19.37).
Learn what all the units are and their counters, then start practicing on getting faster and faster.
It is a strategy game and play 20 years before Halo 1
The first few missions are on Harvest and the games have a nice story
Its a strategy game, kind of like command and conquer. what you have to do is command your army