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In light of Halo Wars (360) service shut down

OP Dricas88

To whom this concerns (Waypoint staff/343 staff/ske7ch/Postums):

I believe I speak for the majority of the remaining classic Halo Wars (360 version) players when I ask, could we please have one final leaderboard reset when they go in to shut down the web services for the game. That way the Trueskill system will reflect the current condition of the game and the current players playing it. So much of the Trueskill is locked in accounts that no longer are played on (and most probably no longer exist). I think it would give the game one last hurahh before it takes its rightful spot in video game heaven.

If this post is not reaching the right people to make this happen, please PM me the contact info of who I should reach out to with this request.

Thank you from all those who dedicate almost the entirety of their free time to this game for at least the first half decade this game was out for!
A leaderboard reset would be nice to get rid of all of Berk's smurfs, but I don't know if it's possible.

Btw, the game's multiplayer isn't being affected. The website is getting taken down.