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Ive got some questions about achievements

OP I K o P p n I

Hello, just started my 14 day trial of Game Pass, and downloaded - Halo Wars: Definitive Edition - to my PC.

So i played the game, started first mission on Heroic and finished it. I got Gold medal, par time and found every collectible. All this should have unlocked at least 4 Achievements. But nothing popped. In the matter of fact, within the game there is no Achievements tab... But if i go to i can see it says:
>>Halo Wars: Definitive Edition (PC) 0/1500G<<

Should'nt i be able to earn achievements? it is even on the page over games i've played...

On this page:

You can see that they pretty much says there are achievements in the PC version...

"Halo Wars: Definitive Edition includes improved graphics, new achievements and all of the DLC created for the landmark strategy game." - Just not for me? or does everyone have this problem?

The game is installed through The Store and then launched from Halo App.
The game is basically functionally as it should just to play the game just without achievements unlocking.
Uninstalling, clearing store cache, reinstalling does not work. says i have not played the game yet, but does show i have played the game - just without any achievements unlocked.

How to get in touch with the "Real" persons that can fix this? or anything else i can do to get them to work?
I played a skirmish on my PC the other night and unlocked an achievement. It didn't pop up on my PC but I got the alert on my phone.

I wonder if it's a corner case related to play anywhere and game pass? Have you tried another game pass game like gears 4 on PC?
Just an FYI, TrueAchievements doesn’t consider a game as “played” until you unlock at least one achievement in it.
I was able to see that you've unlocked a bunch of achievements when I searched your gamertag on

Would be good to hear from you if you can see that as well.