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Just finished the game what else is there to do?

OP LucastLotus

So I have just finished off Halo wars (took me a couple years not joking) and I just wanted to know if there was anything else I could do I'm unsure if online is still supported and I currently don't have the game in my possession so when I get it back I would check but if anyone out there can answer me it would be absolutely fantastic.
Thanks! LucastLotus AY0
I have an access to the game as a PC player but I am kind of skipping it as I dislike the artwork regarding the Spartans or the Marines on the frontal poster cover - no joke, they look like martian motocross bikers going on foot - also I have some doubts regarding the game quality in the genre of real time grand strategy that it ought to fall under. Also, y'know, let me put it like this, if I felt Halo was something for myself, I would even get that damn XBOX, okay.
Multiplayer is in fact still supported. I'm thinking that that won't change for awhile.
You can try playing online. But, be warned that matchmaking and online co-op have terrible connection issues in DE. If you are able to connect with a friend or others though, you should be good to go.

If you are playing the 360 version, you're good to go for everything lol. The only thing holding you back is the small online population.
What bothers me is how WindowsStore and STEAM players are detached, for that example. How much better it would be for the game itself if they could play together. I know games having their own servers, connecting all the players, those having old secondhand retail PC-CD versions, those STEAM clients and other platform users. All these divisions and walls just crack the games multiplayer down, but somehow the developers mind that not, still happy to do a short lived online function for the sake of such a dummy being there, so that reviewers could peace off, it appears.
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I am stuck on the level where you evac the shield world and you have to use gremlins on the me
I am stuck on the level where you evac the shield world and you have to use gremlins on the me
There's a friend of mine who made a guide a while ago. Here's a link to the episode on Shield World.
thank you