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[Locked] Patch Notes - June 5 (Updated)

OP ske7ch

A new patch is rolling out for Halo Wars: Definitive Edition on June 5, 2017. The contents of the patch varies slightly depending on which platform you're on. Here's what's included in today's patch:

All Versions (Xbox One, Win10 and Steam):
  • Added a volume slider for cinematics.
  • Added per-AI difficulty settings, selectable via the player card menu.
  • Fix scaling of supply gathering icons to match overall UI scaling.
  • Miscellaneous localization fixes.
Steam & Win10 Version:
  • Allow the middle, fourth, and fifth mouse buttons to be mapped to controls.
Steam Only:
  • Added voice chat. This can be disabled via the options menu for users that prefer to use third party chat applications.
A new patch will be rolling out on May 11 for Halo Wars: DE with several fixes and improvements to a few issues the team has been tracking.

Patch note details are below. Please note that some patch elements are unique to a specific version of the game and have been noted accordingly.

All Versions (Xbox One + Windows 10 + Steam)
  • Added Single Player Campaign Leaderboards.
  • Added support for keyboard text to toggle between global (/g) and team (/t) chat.
  • Text chat sender names are now colored according to player color.
  • Fixed various graphics errors that sometimes occurred when a large number of units were on screen at the same time.
  • Optimized CU download sizes. Any future CUs will be much smaller.
  • Fixed a few small crashes that were happening in obscure scenarios.
  • Added an anti-trolling fix. Any player kicked from a lobby will not be able to rejoin for a period of time.
Xbox One Specific Items:
  • Added text chat
Windows 10 / Steam Specific Items:
  • PC Leaderboards should now say LEADERBOARDS (FRIENDS) in the header to help clarify that Leaderboards on PC are friends-only.
  • Corrected an issue that was preventing PC users from setting desired AA values for cards that support 16x.
  • Fixed a bug that meant changes to Graphics Options resets were occasionally not being saved.
  • When typing chat messages, camera control will no longer be affected when using keys that also control camera movement.
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred during excessive chat messaging.
  • We’ve addressed an issue with texture resolution changes when switching from Low to High or High to Low graphics settings.
  • Game language will now be based on whatever language is selected in the Steam client.