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Skulls in Public Matches

OP xEMIx Korgano

343, you have got to turn off the ability to turn on skulls in public matches. It absolutely breaks the game. I just discovered, you can turn on Sickness at the beginning of the game, then single mac a base to basically take it out. Absolutely game breaking. Disable the skulls unless the host otherwise specifies before the game starts.

The fact that there is no notification that a skull is on... the fact that anyone can do it... the fact that you can't turn them back off again... It's ridiculous. You've got to remove skulls from public matches. Or at the very least, make some changes to who can turn them on, when, and whether or not people know if they've been turned on.
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Keep crying kid.
You're adorable. Not crying, not a kid.
Yeah this is pretty bad. Given up hope with 343, they haven't updated the Halo Wars DE community since it was first released on early access on this or many other issues.
Dang, that's just as bad as pausing online games, which you also can do.
Well, I can see that at least a moderator has seen this post. How about 343/CA? Anyone who can do anything about this? Are you there?