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Just wanted to know... Does anyone still play the original, xbox 360, backwards compatible, GOOD Halo Wars?
I still do! Not as often as I used to though.
Great! Why fix something that isn't broken right? Kinda why I didn't get Definitive Edition. I like to play games how they were (There are exceptions though, eg: Halo Anniversary).
I still play it, trying to get achievements.
I actually play the original version more than the remastered version. Not having matchmaking was a massive fail by microsoft.
Out of all the games I have purchased, which were released within the last 10 years, it is still the game I play the most.
I still play it daily. DE is chalk full of scrubs. The original is much more competitive.
Yes, I still play it from time to time.
I still play it, i really enjoyed it, that and i don't actually have the definitive edition so that's a factor as well
I do and it's my favorite!
I play the game, would play it more if I had someone to play it with, i want to get better at halo wars
I used to play it a ton, but then I lost my disc, so...
i am glad the original halo wars isnt dead thought serach time can be felt a lot longer
I used to play a lot, but since I got it on PC (Steam), then the More Leaders Mod, not so much.
Still own the collector's case for the original! Also still use the UNSC Spirit of Fire rubber coaster that came with it. Use it everyday and actually have gotten several compliments on it. Still looks about as good as the day it came out of the box!
I do it now, have to complete that game.
I still play the original on Xbox One, but I typically play Skirmish on Legendary.
No lol.

It was fun for a while though.
treycen777 wrote:
I still play the original on Xbox One, but I typically play Skirmish on Legendary.
Same for me, mostly just skirmish on legendary
I do every now and then for about a month, but not so much in matchmaking unless my friends are feeling ambitious.
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