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When is DE coming out of Early Access and....

OP Hawk269

So when is the D.E. coming out of Early Access and what changes are happening when it does come out of early access?
That's a good question, I thought it was only for people who purchased the Ultimate Edition. It would make sense to open to general public for $$$ reasons.
The original response when the DE was made available was that the game was early access because it was not 100% completed and so forth. So like any game that has been Early Access, usually when the game is final there are some substantial changes to the final code. I am just curious what these changes will be or was it all a bunch of B.S. like many have speculated?
It was my understanding that it was going to have a standalone release sometime early this year.
I had understood that it ceases being early access as soon as HW2 launches, and it officially launches with it. I don't know when it will receive its standalone release though.
Nothing will change I fear as I have seen no 343 response since December even though Ske7ch promised we get clarification within a month or two.

Cheers mate love being lied too always fun.
It'll stop being early access when HW2 comes out(ultimate edition?) and the completed version will not have the early access sign on it :P