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Will this ever get proper matchmaking?


I mean I love HW1 but I just can't play DE cuz of the one guy who doesn't ready up and we are sitting there hoping the game starts I swear this game would be much more played if it had the exact same matchmaking as HW1 (With the fixes to it of course) and it's in game leaderboads (it may already have it I just hadn't played the game in ages) while we are at it could I get a Xbox one X enhancement like HW2 and many other games too?

That's just my dream of course this game could be done for all we know but still but plz do this 343/CA <3
Seriously HW DE is a fantastic game. It runs beautifully. But the game is a waste without matchmaking. My dream would for matchmaking be added to HW DE. I bet a lot of people would love matchmaking to be added into it as well.
I still need to finish up the achievements on the 360 version lol
This one is not one X enhanced?
I would legit play this game over the first in a heartbeat every time if there was proper MM. :/
The answer is no. 343 wasn't the one developing HW DE. Nor was CA. Behavior Interactive was. Keyword "was." They have moved on to other projects.

HW DE was created in a much more casual mindset than the original (which was already rather casual). As unfortunate as that is, we have to deal with it. You can always go back to the original if you want. For me, that's not really an option seeing as I kept searching out the same 3 people to the point that they stopped playing the game. Regrettably, they were the only ones who would net me any Trueskill.
Is the matchmaking the same as in the 360 game?
Is the matchmaking the same as in the 360 game?
No. There's a lobby system where one person hosts and others can join and leave on their own accord.