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Would you have wanted this Halo wars build? (Video

OP Toxemic Sniper

I was just thinking about Halo wars and how much of a great strategy game it is and then I remembered how it looked in its demo build. Some of you may remember and others it may be the first time your seeing this video.

Halo wars Demo

The thing that caught my attention was the UNSC base. how big it was and well fortified it was from the location it was set in. Why not use this (Or at least make a game mode where you start with one of these bases) Its mainly a Detail thing I guess I just think it looks beautiful and hey, Imagine what a covenant one would look like.
No. If you want to learn about all the pitfalls of making the game like this, you can read Ensemble's Dev Blog, which explains why they scraped that version of the game.
I was always under the assumption that it was scrapped when Dave Pottinger took over from Graeme Devine. I would have much preferred a free-build system.
Don't get me wrong I love Halo Wars but damn, this looks better!