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2020 10yr anniversary of Halo Reach. Remastered?

OP MidwestMonsterX

I'm really hoping to get some sort of announcement about a Reach remaster considering next year will be the 10 year anniversary. Hell, at this point I'd be happy if they put Reach on MCC, anything to bring the population back up and make it worth playing matchmaking again.

Give me your thoughts, guys.
I doubt there will be much for the anniversary. Halo 3 was the most popular and debatably the best of the franchise and we got squat all for the 10th anniversary. The best thing 343 can do IMO is fix the servers so people dont lag out every game and get rid of aimbotters that seem to be infesting reach. As for reviving the population count; while I'd like to see it go up as well, but there's just not enough attraction for the game to bring in new players especially at this point of its lifespan.
I don’t think it’s necessary. Reach still has modern features. It could use an X enhancement and a few server fixes though. But otherwise, it doesn’t lack anything so a remaster is unnecessary.