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343 needs to ban boosters

OP TheColdSpartan

Can someone explain to me why the -Yoink- 343 isn’t doing jack -Yoink- about idiots in Grifball spawn camping, and team killing constantly and -Yoinking!- up my KD. It absolutely -Yoinking!- annoying that 343 actually knows about this but they do absolutely nothing about it.
Because Grifball boosting, while frowned upon, isn't illegal.
If you care about KD then grifball is the last place you should be. You need to weigh up the cR vs KD importance and go from there because that's unfortunately what grifball is these days. Or join a grifball clan lol.
There's really not much reason for them to. It's almost 9 years old and there's so many more important things for them to focus on currently. They're bringing Reach to MCC which will probably bring back a lot of players as well as bringing in a huge number of new players on PC. Alongside that they need to make sure they don't mess up Infinite, the franchise as a whole is at risk if infinite's doesn't exceed expectations after the backlash from 4 and 5.
Even with all this said it's a 360 game which they didn't make in the first place and while the responsibility is in their hands almost no games on 360 still receive support anyway.
Because the game is like about to be 9 Years old in 1 month & there's nothing they can do about it
Ban the people who quit games. Should good people accountable not the 7 other players that are playing.
The “it’s nine years old” thing is a terrible excuse for that
x N7 117 x wrote:
Because Grifball boosting, while frowned upon, isn't illegal.
Never has been. Never will be. If you do so in Halo 3 with AFK guest accounts, the banhammer will swing but I'm not sure what's technically allowed in the others.

Because the game is like about to be 9 Years old in 1 month & there's nothing they can do about it
Also yes. Microsoft controls the Xbox 360 servers now so it's up to them. That's also why the laundry list of issues, bugs, & glitches reported within the older Halo games and many other 360 titles haven't been addressed. Maintaining the Xbox 360 Xbox Live Servers isn't the biggest priority for Microsoft right now.
How would they go about banning them? Just like players abusing checkpoints to farm commendations, those Grifball players are still technically playing the game. What kind of automated systems could 343 Industries put into place to notice when people aren't playing the right way?
Playing griffball and worrying about KD? I suppose there's a first for everything .
The game is nearly a decade old at this point and many other Halo games released the years after, which drifted 343's attention away from Halo Reach. For me It's not the credit boosters that bug me, it's the weird fact that Grifball gives you WAY more credits than any other mode in the game. I'm wondering, "Why? It makes no sense." Shouldn't an online game of Firefight give you more credits because it requires more work? It's backwards.
Boosting has always been an issue in games. In the newer games they might do something. But in older games like Reach credit boosting and MW2 nuke boosting. Developers won't really do much about it. I do agree it's -Yoink-, but they won't do anything. And if they do. I will eat my sock with ketchup.
I hope MCC doesn't have Grifball at all for Reach
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I hope MCC doesn't have Grifball at all for Reach
Sorry, kid. It's already been confirmed.