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[Locked] [343 Response] Matchmaking issues 3/19

OP Revolverga 45

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I cant find match
Whats happening? 2 hours and I CANT FIND A MATCH

Mod edit:
We think we've identified the issue and pushed out a resolution.Can you guys try hopping into H3/Reach and giving it a whirl and letting us know?

Yeah, I'm the same boat as you are. Every time I find enough players, it resets. Rinse and repeat until I get a message stating that matchmaking has been aborted. Are the servers undergoing maintenance?
Im getting the same issue. Finds players then resets over and over until aborted.
Yeah I'm the same as all of you... (Halo Reach)
Bumping this up as a potential thread for tracking
Same for me. Been trying for an hour.
Same here. Central time zone. Glad it's not just me
Just found a Firefight game. Try again.
Halo 3 is experiencing the same problem, I can't get a match on social
Issues seem to have come back.
Same issues here! So frustrating.
If you want to play Firefight, that works. Everything else seems to be down.
It’s happening with multiple legacy titles, hopefully it’s fixed soon:(
Haven’t been able to find a match since Sunday night, same with 20+ people I have added who play as well.
Same here, been trying all day and all day yesterday. Can’t find a match for jack.
“Players found.”
”Restarting search.”
Wow is so lively here to see some reports. I had this issue too for trying to find a firefight game.
I found some players but they were gone after the start. I was alone a the front.
reach matchmaking is still aborting us this morning. after getting irritated last night i tried h3 and it was the same. i even fired up h4 just to play something and a message said i needed to connect to xbl even though i was signed in. crazy -Yoink-.
Is 343 going to do anything, or just let the games they took on die?
On 3/18 (Yesterday) I attempted to queue for a social big team battle match in Halo 3. We had a full party of 16 players and queued together. The matchmaking continuously reset and we could not play anything other than custom games. I had a similar experience searching alone in social slayer (A playlist with enough active players to support a match).
umbraltea wrote:
Is 343 going to do anything, or just let the games they took on die?
It's being looked into
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