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343I am dissapoint.

OP codgod374952847

i am sad that halo 4 is a reach clone, and a bad one at that.

Seriously, making halo 4 was like shooting a fish in a barrel, but you missed the fish, hit the side of the barrel, poked a hole in it, and you got the fish anyway."
Sure you made a profit, but you didn't go about it the right way.

Oh well, i dont know why you guys constantly attack higher skilled players. Maybe there is a lot of envy for people better than you. Oh well.

This isnt trolling either, so don't pin it as that. Im tired of self-righteous and arrogant companies doing what they want because they feel it is right inside of them instead of looking towards the community. Its all about profit, but really, its our fault for falling for the lies and propaganda.

gg no re, I will never buy another halo product again, and this isn't a discussion with me, i will leave and never return. My money is on this getting deleted before 10 people can view it

Yep. Probably not buying H5 either. It makes me shiver just thinking on all the things 343i will undoubtedly add to the game to appeal even more to the casual Call of Duty player field.
I'm sorry you don't feel H4 was a satisfactory game, Spartan.

I wish you the best in your future endeavors and have a happy new years!
This isnt trolling...

Just another attention seeker. If you want to leave, leave. Don't waste space on the forum with your pretentious threads.
i said i wouldnt come back, but i refreshed the page and read through these.

pretty sure you should debate the game, not resort to name calling :)

Im venting about a wasted $60 and am giving feedback to 343i.
noting my dissatisfaction with the game is important.
noting my dissatisfaction with the game is important.
Not to us it isn't.
who made you read it? you chose to read it. you wanted to read it.
k bai
You probably should have picked a better analogy that shooting fish in a barrel. Simply firing the gun into the water would kill the fish, haha. Unless you are firing blanks.....I think.

Anyway, I have to disagree with your post as I love Halo 4. I've been with Halo since CE and all that stuff that makes my opinion "important".

But, to each his own. You should check out some other games for a bit and maybe come back after some TU's and see how you like it. Keep the game around though, just in case.

Have fun dude.
I liked Reach and I love Halo 4 even with all of it's faults. It took what I loved about Halo: Reach and improved much of it, the game isn't beyond redemption to me.

Halo would be boring as hell if they decided to backtrack and release an outdated game just so we could relive a bit of nostalgia.

New Halo as I call it is good, it certainly isn't at all like Old Halo but that doesn't make it bad. It's different.
Oh joy... another one of this..