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A message for 343

OP Sparecards

343, we are aware you are shutting down the Halo 360 servers this winter. This choice may have already been made, but I urge you, do not shutdown these servers yet. Instead, shut them down alongside the 360 Xbox live service when the time comes. Older games still have servers up, such as old Call of Duty games, for example. I understand the majority play on the MCC now, but some cannot afford a new Xbox One or feel the older versions games are better and have more personality and charm. So i urge you, do not shut them down yet, give them a little more time to live, and when 360 servers close, let them close out with a bang with the service that carried them.

Thank you for your time
I think they've made their decision already, all good things must come to an end.
RIP 360 :(
a salute to all my friends on the 360s
Plushhyyy wrote:
I think they've made their decision already, all good things must come to an end.
Agreed, this is already set in stone for 343.
RIP 360. You were my first experience playing online against people
Honestly I’m surprised they kept the servers up as long as they have. I assume that the servers dedicated to the 360 games are nearing or at end of life support, so it is likely 343 is doing all they can just to keep them functional until the end of this year. When older servers crash, it can be difficult to get them to come back up reliably. Upgrading the servers to models that are still supported would be a substantial cost, and one that would not be worth it due to the low population of players that still play these games online. It is unfortunate for players who still play, but I honestly expected this to happen a few years ago. Kudos to 343 for giving us a year notice instead of just pulling the plug