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A Magnificent Seven style Halo live action movie?

OP TanEugene94

If a Halo live action movie happened in future Halo installments, could we see it going in a different direction? Personally, I want to see the Halo live action movie going in a style of the Magnificent Seven where the story is about a Spartan assemble a small group of Elites and ODST Troopers, while at the same time fighting the Brutes and the Flood.
I would love a live-action adaptation of the original Halo trilogy because Halo 2 and 3's stories, in particular, are so great, and yet because their video games the general public will not really be able to experience them. Seeing Blur's remade Halo cutscenes show how good this hypothetical movie could look either animated or live-action. I just feel like those first three games could work really well together as movies. Plus, this opportunity could be used to actually improve the stories from the original to fix minor problems or inconsistencies, like how Truth had a weaker character in Halo 3 or the changing voice actors in the series. Movie adaptations of these great games could not only make these stories more accessible to the average person but also expand on and even fix some of the minor problems that the original games may have had.