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OP Gungoose360

I dont think everyone, especially in Latin America where ALOT of ppl still play Halo Reach (and many other Xbox 360 games) are aware that ALL maps are now free. Im really tired of having to play on the same 3 maps all the time bc ppl aren't aware or weren't informed that the DEFIANT & NOBLE maps are now free, as well as the ANNIVERSARY maps and game types including Firefight!

If you live south of the border please spread the word? Also, Microsoft pls include ALL dlc as part of rotation of game types and maps, like the way RESPAWN did it with the first Titanfall whereas the game would scan your content and prompt you to install the free map packs if they weren't already installed.
Halo Reach is almost at an end but I would see it quickened, at least until we get the remastered edition next year!
Wish more people knew about this tbh. I never get DLC maps in matchmaking.
Oh wow, about time. Now maybe I can actually injoy the maps I payed for lol
Halo 3, Reach, and Halo 4 DLC has been free for I don't know how long but it seems like about 2 years now. Getting map specific achievements, though, still requires some coordination.
Reach and Halo 4 DLC has been free for I don't know how long but for at least about 2 years now.
Exactly, this is very old news, everyone that is an even semi-frequent player should know this by now.
It is really annoying when you are trying to get some achievements, but the maps are not popping up because people are not downloading them :/