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Any CE fans who hate NHE?

OP RockPumpkin5931

I just need to know if there's someone like me. I really don't like it. It just took away so much of what you have to master, lowering CE's spectacular skill ceiling. Now you can switch weapons or traverse a map with reckless abandon since you don't have to think about it's noise. You get handed the times weapons spawn instead of having to count yourself. It has a flat out training mode that gives away all the spawns. Goodbye testing, observing and making mistakes to learn. Just cheat and see the answers. So on and so forth, but it also went out of it's way making the UI worse and removing the needler for no reason alongside a mode I really enjoyed: race. Gearbox ruined CE, 343 didn't bother fixing it, but it's flat out infuriating that people who call themselves fans, or even ACTUALLY HAVE skill at the game want to make it worse. It doesn't even make sense. The only good thing was obviously removing host advantage (which there were way to at least lower it a lot in the original), at the cost of turning chess into checkers while making it look like an unfinished indie joke. If they actually cared instead of wanting to make their own thing, they'd try making something like, idk, "Halo: Despecialized Edition" or something. Now we badly need it. I'm surprised they didn't add hitmarkers or groundpounding.