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[Locked] Armor Cobinations

OP pvt mikel

Yes i know there is so many possible different combos for your armor in Halo reach but I just wanna know your favorite armor combos!
Helmet: Mark-V (CNM)
Shoulder (L): Mark-V
Shoulder (R): Mark-V
Chest: Tactical/Recon
Wrist: Tactical/Tacpad
Utility: Tactical/Hard Case
Visor: Gold
Knees: FJ/Para

Primary: Sage
Secondary: Sage
Helmet: Mk V usually with the cnm but occasionally the ua mod
R shoulder: Mk V
L shoulder: commando
Chest: collar/breacher (sometimes i use the robot arm too)
Wrist: tactical/tacpad
Utility: tactical/soft case
Visor color: blue
Knee guards: grenadier
Primary: white
Secondary: coral
This is my classic reach armor that i used in my clan for years
I usually go completely basic (as you start the game with Noble Six) and go with blue flaming helmet..
That's it lmao.
The EOD helmet I love with the default armor and the flames
Flaming Haunted pilot helmet and jorges body armor with emiles blade on the arms. Still wish they brought them back too
Jorges armor and bark 6 gen 1
Mark 6
Jorges armor and bark 6 gen 1
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Mark 6
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