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Back-Compat Issues?

OP ske7ch

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Halo 3 BC was fun for all of 48 hours. The game is plagued with host booters and modders. Cheating is so rampant that 90% of playlists are unplayable. 343 should at least address this, as this is a highly problematic circumstance that renders Halo 3 BC entirely pointless.
I have a lot of old film clips saved on Halo 3 from 2007 and I wanted to watch them again on my Xbox One X and possibly record a few for YouTube. However a lot of the film clips don't work anymore on the backwards compatible versions of Halo 3 on both the Xbox One and Xbox One X. When I play the film clip, it gets a third of the way through and then displays an error and won't continue. I've tried this on both the regular and mythic versions of Halo 3 but it's the same result. Other people downloading it from my fileshare have the same results too.

The film clips do still work fine on the Xbox 360 versions of Halo 3 but I was really hoping to watch the film clips again in the upgraded version of Halo 3 on the Xbox One X. Does anyone have some suggestions for how to fix this issue and get the film clips to work on the Xbox One? Thanks!
Halo 3 on my new XBOX One X has a serious graphics issue. I've used both a 1080p and a new TCL 55p605 UHD TV, and the screen looks like an old TV with bad reception, diagonal sparkles all over the screen wherever the live game is running. Menus overlaying the animation do not have the sparkles. No issues with COD WWII or Halo 5, only Halo 3. I have both the original disk, and the digital download, uninstalled and reinstalled, and issue remains. I called XBOX support, and they couldn't help and told me to contact the developer. You might be able to see a screencapture via this link:
ske7ch wrote:
Hi folks - We're super excited to finally be able to play the remaining Xbox 360 Halo titles on our Xbox Ones with the big release yesterday. We've seen scattered reports of players encountering various issues with different aspects of these latest back-compat titles which I'm hoping to collect here in this thread.

The Xbox back-compat team has worked hard to bring this to fruition, and it's ultimately their project, but we'd like to help them keep track of reported problems and issues that players are encountering.

If you have run into any issues with Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Halo 4, or Halo CE: Anniversary back-compat on Xbox One, please post in this thread and let us know and we'll pass it along. Please provide as much detail as possible.

1. Which game are you having an issue with?
2. Did you purchase digitally or install from disc? (and which disc in the case of the Halo 3 MP disc that came with ODST vs. the base Halo 3 disc)
3. What exactly is the issue you're encountering? Please be as specific as possible and include any steps you've already taken to try and remedy these issues.

Please note that the 343 team has no direct ability to address these issues but will continue to work closely with our partners and make sure any problems are brought to their attention. If/when we get any new information or solutions to reported issues we'll update this thread.

We're thrilled to see so much excitement for these back-compat releases and we thank you for your support of Halo!
halo 3 servers have been offline for 2 days
I don't like xbox one's back-compact, it feels like I am at a disadvantage. Never raged before so hard on just trying to play. Feels sluggish and choppy.
Halo 3

It says : "Matchmaking requires an Xbox LIVE Membership with permission to play multiplayer over LIVE" even tho i have Gold with my account.

What should i do ?
Halo 3

It says : "Matchmaking requires an Xbox LIVE Membership with permission to play multiplayer over LIVE" even tho i have Gold with my account.

What should i do ?
Do you have gold specifically on your account? Because backwards compatible games do not support Xbox Live Gold sharing like Xbox One games would. Basically, if someone is sharing their Gold membership with you (signing into your console and setting it as their home console), that only works within Xbox One games, whereas Xbox 360 titles in backwards compatibility are just emulated environments of an Xbox 360. So, backwards compatible games act as if they are on a 360, which doesn't support gold sharing.
Why do not I win exp? I left Halo 3 a couple of years ago and it does not let me win xp 5 games in a row nothing
what about the aim bot/ super jumping players in the servers?
Its difficult to enjoy Halo 3 when there are cheaters breaking the game. Is there way of getting rid if these players using aim bot mods?
I'm having frame rate issues while playing multiplayer on the digital download. I'm playing on the Xbox one x and downloaded the enhanced halo 3 version.
Yeah i have one issue with ODST from disc where the game marker didn't point me to the kizingo boulevard mission after the uplift reserve, instead it sent me to ONI alpha site.
Halo 4 (disc) won't install on my Xbox 1 (fully updated), even with an internet connection. It keeps saying "this game is not playable here" even though it is back compatible.

Halo 3 Digital
Co-op . I’m playing XONE S Halo 3 through back compat by System Link with a friend who has an Xbox 360 and Halo 3 digital . We started a play-through of the campaign, and Sierra 117 worked perfectly. Tsavo Highway, however, gave us both an error message a “An error occurred while playing co-op campaign. Restart at the last mission point to continue."

Same issue with
Halo Reach Digital
An error occurred while playing co-op campaign. Restart at the last mission point to continue.
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Hey guys i hope my post is seen, I still play MCC almost everyday running HC playlist mostly (I'm a H3 MLG kid through and through) i've had my 50 in this playlist and probably play this game more than most people in this thread, what i'm really looking for in this update is matchmaking update and UI fixes so i'll make a list...

As far as matchmaking updates as follows

1.Once we are given the "connecting session" prompt why are we not just put into that game? sometimes we wont find games for 5-10 mintues and were given "players found" and "connecting session" the whole time then we back out to the main menu and start the search again and for some reason that seems to work? So a fix on that would be awesome.

2.The downloading matchmaking data thing is kind of ridiculous can we get that fixed?

3.Some people are never fully connected to the game once we load into the map, and sometimes they are connected late like 30-40 seconds into the match need a fix there.

4.I'm sure you are aware of the double screen problem when you are searching for a match that makes it unable for some people to find a game?

5.When in a party of multiple people why when we start searching why does it sometimes only let some people search while others sit in the lobby waiting resulting in us unable to get into a game until the person says "oh you guys are searching? I'm not!" then we back out and restart the search and for some reason it works

6. the matchmaking doesn't seem to make any sense to me sometimes ill be on a team of all 50's and we will play a team of all random 10-20s a bit unfair there. I understand if your just trying to match people because population is so low.

7. Please just make the ranks like H3 so were at least finding games with people around our skill level 40-50

8.Why is it so hard to get into a lobby with my friends, sometimes even joining my friends is a chore where we have to reset our games multiple times.

9. I should never have to go the the xbox dashboard and reset the game to make something work!

10. Host in MCC is insane idk if there is something you can do about that.(dedicated servers?)

11. if the whole team quits before a game loads in while loading in and we get into a game we have to wait the whole time limit playing against no one on the other team in H3(original) the game would just end but not in MCC

12. When the game crashes in the middle of the match or we never load in all the way and it counts as loses and we go down in 1-50 rank is very frustrating.

13. fix in game emblems and stuff so once were in a game its our actual chosen emblems not some random emblem i didn't chose

14. Let 3v3 games happen like in H3

15.Bring back classic MLG maps to halo HC playlist like Lockdown ball or pit KOTH

UI updates as follows... not even sure if some of these are considered UI

1. File share to work like it did in halo 3 just bring it back! i can't search for someones file share and that is insane!

2. let us fully customize our spartans!

3. let custom games be join able in progress

4.change the veto system to anything else

5. polish the UI make it look good seamless and sleek

6.Make brightness settings like H3 my brightness on my monitor is all the way up and i can't see blue team on warlock H2 at all like if there in a shadow there invisible! its not just my monitior.

7.Make the controller settings work, sometimes you will choose a setting and it wont take effect at all!

8. Make leaderboards work as well.

That's all i can think of in this moment i'll edit this as things come to mind i really hope this is seen by someone important, like i said i still play this game almost everyday not this last month as i'm getting my controller repaired:( but i love it and want a population to come back and thrive.

Thank you,
Duh Fox

P.S. hope its not to late i didn't see this....
Halo CEA is bugged for me and friend.

Me and my friend thought it be a cool idea to play through the entire halo series on legendary so obviously we wanted to play and finish the game, however we played four mission's, the mission we stopped at was the 'Silent Cartographer', We went on the next day and it said we hadn't played any of the previous missions and were sent back to the 'Pillar of Autumn' which we finished on legendary, but yet it didn't even say i played the mission at all. So we replayed it again and and got back the place we left off finishing 'Pillar of Autumn', 'Halo' and 'Truth and Reconciliation' on legendary. I've just turned on my xbox and loaded Halo CEA and its done it again, it hasn't wiped the previous missions away but it on says I've finished 'Pillar of Autumn' on easy solo and nothing on coop, 'Halo' is the only not broken one which says i have finished on legendary coop and then 'Truth and Reconciliation' says i haven't even played which I remember finishing it on legendary last night.

I would really appreciate if we can have an insight on why this is happening and would love to hear something back and hopefully this issue is resolved.
1. Halo 3
2. Halo 3 Launch Disc (however it ended up downloading my digital copy instead of installing off the disc by saying there's an xbox live update)
3. Game does not connect to the file share. Whether I click on fileshare from the maps selection menu in custom games or in the media section in settings.

If this has already been posted, can anyone direct me to a solution?
if you guys want to play halo 2 on original hardware, joint this discord and we will get you going. we play everyday, bring a headset! it works on 360 too.
I'm having issues with the Halo3: Odst campaign disc. It won't download, what can I do?
I just want to have some fun in campaign
Hello, the issue I'm encountering is the recon armor is not showing up for me on my copy of halo 3. I have the regular halo 3 disc that I got for Christmas. I did some looking and was told it was a starter armor after 3/29/12 because of the transition over from bungie to 343i. any help would be greatly appreciated
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