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Best armor combinations in Halo Reach?

OP Oohrion

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Helmet: Gungnir
Both shoulders: security
Chest: Collar/Grenadier[UA]
Kneepads: Grenadier
Utility: Tactical/Soft Case
Operator Helmet and Shoulders
Tactical/Breacher chest and wrist.
Gold visor.
Aviator knees.
To know the Lore is to know Halo
"Dont be spoiled, dont start a fight. Always be careful, here at night. Because the Spartans might come, in suits that weigh half a ton. And they'll steal from you all you gots, just like they did from Colonel Watts."
So cool, so many are great ideas
Imagine a halo like reach but with noble 6 still with customisable armor while he was a lone wolf
Wolfwa4 wrote:
Imagine a halo like reach but with noble 6 still with customisable armor while he was a lone wolf
*assassin before the events of reach sounds good??
Helmet- Commando UA/FC-I[2]
Left Shoulder- Commando
Right Shoulder- Security
Chest- Assault/Commando
Wrist- Tactical/TACPAD
Utility- Tactical/Trauma Kit
Armor Effect- Legendary
Visor- Gold
Primary Color- Black
Secondary Color- Red
Helmet - CQB
Shoulders - MKV
Knees - FJ PARA
Chest - UA Base Security [W]
Wrist - Default
Visor - Gold
Helmet: Mark V
Left shoulder: Mark V
Right shoulder: Commando/Commander
Chest: Coller/Grenadier
Utility: None
Visor: Gold
Wrist: Tactical/Tacpad
Helmet - CQB
Left Arm - ODST
Right Arm - Sniper
Chest - Tactical/Patrol
Wrist - Assault/Breacher
Utility - UA/Chobham
Visor - Black
Knee Guards - FJ/Para
Colors - Black/Maroon
Wolfwa4 wrote:
Wolfwa4 wrote:
Imagine a halo like reach but with noble 6 still with customisable armor while he was a lone wolf
*assassin before the events of reach sounds good??
That would be good
I like a mix of CQB and EVA.
Helmet: MJOLNIR Mk. V
Left Shoulder: MJOLNIR Mk. V
Right Shoulder: MJOLNIR Mk. V
Chest: Default
Wrist: None
Utility: None
Visor: Blue
Knee Guards: FJ/Para
Colors: Silver/Steel

I've been running Mk. V with my colors ever since I got the full set years ago. Took me forever to get it, but no regrets. Totally worth it. :)
I still play from time to time on my XBOne, so...yeah. I still think Reach is the best Halo with customization, no contest.
I like to wear all the ODST stuff, especially the helmet. Like my spartan was an ODST who decided to join up with the Spartan III program. For colors with ODST gear I recommend steel for primary, and whatever color you want for secondary. Looks neat imo.

I also try to make my Spartan look like one from Noble Team. Trying to unlock Carter's commando helmet right now. Halfway to Commander. Once I get all the pieces I'm going to play the campaign and enjoy the cutscenes with two Carters, two Kats, and so on. Lol
ik heb de beste helm maar ik weet niet meer gardening tool die heet halo 3 en halo 5 leuker vind ik
I change my armor so much in Halo Reach but am rather satisfied in other Halo games D:
Why doesn't anyone here use the Guningr kneepads? I like them, they are more simple, and seem to be more fluid with the actual armor. Like they weren't anything special.
With CQB I use the HU/RS/CNM variant, and combine it with GUNGNIR shoulders, Tactical/Recon chest, Assault/Breacher wrist, Tactical/Softcase utility, FJ/Para knee guards, and a Gold visor with a khaki/steel paint job. It all flows together real nice and looks pretty realistic to boot.
My armour, I only suggest this for snipers ;)

helmet: gungnir (second attachment)
left shoulder: MK V
right shoulder: sniper
chest: hp/parafoil with robot arm
wrist: ugps
visor: gold
armour effect: pestilence
knee guards: gungnir

primrary colour: steel
secondary colour: brick
As much as I would love to use the best armor set combination, I still don't even have everything in the armory (Red and Blue flames, Officer elite class, special pre-order chestpiece)
Helmet: OPERATOR (Last attachment)
Left shoulder: UA/BASE SECURITY
Right shoulder: COMMANDO
Visor color: BLACK
Knee Guards: FJ/PARA
Armor primary color: Sage
Armor secondary color: Blue

NOTE: You have to be at LEAST rank of Commander to be able to use this armor set.
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