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Best armor combinations in Halo Reach?

OP OrioNotFound

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While I’m saving up or Mark VI, this is what I have
Helmet: Gungnir
Left Shoulder: Security (Big shoulder piece)
Right Shoulder: Mark V
Chestpiece: Collar/Breacher [R]
Forearm: Tatical tac pad
Utility: Tatical Soft case
Knee pads: Grenadir
Visor: Midnight

Colors: Olive and pink
Helmet: Mjolnir Mk. VI (doesn't matter)
Left shoulder: Sniper
Right shoulder: Security
Chest: Tactical/Patrol
Wrist: Tacpad
Utility: Tactical/Softcase
Visor Color: Gold
Knee guards: FJ/Para
Armor Effect: none
Firefight Voice: doesn't matter
(btw this is what I may do with my Spartan in the future)
Colors: Black on Maroon
Ajf5gn wrote:
I like the "Collar Breacher" body piece (the one with the Shotgun shells in the front)

the "Tactical Patrol" body piece (the one with the sniper gillie suit thingy on the back) I think its jun's body piece from campaign.

the "HP HALO" body piece (the one with little grenade things along the belt)

And then the "ODST" shoulders are good imo.

As you can probably tell, I like the simple and smaller armor pieces from Reach. :)
I like simple too.
I would actually agree,
Helmet: EOD
Shoulder pieces: both ODST
Chest: Tac/patrol
Legs: FJ Para
Visor: Depends
Utility: Tac/hardcase
Wrist: Datapad
Honestly for me
Helmet - Mark V w/ CNM upgrade
Left - UA/Base Security or Recon (short and simple)
Right - Commando
Chest - HP/Parafoil
Wrist - TacPad
Utility - Tactical/Soft Case
Visor Color - Blue
Knee Guards - FJ/Para
Armor Effect - your choice
Armor Color
Primary - White
Secondary - Blue
Mark v helmet
Commando right shoulder
ODST left shoulder
tactical torso
Primary color blie secondary white
Primary color blie secondary white
Blue secondary white
my armor

helmet Mark VI mjolnir
shoulder [right] security
shoulder [left] hazop
chest default
utility tactical soft case
wrist UA/buckler
knee guards FJ/para
armor effect default
firefight voice noble 6

my colors
steel then green
visor color gold
Im just using what I like in MCC Reach. Mark VI with the little antenna thing and thingy that looks like a magnum. Tactical Recon with robotic arm. Security right shoulder and Sniper left shoulder. TacPad. Trauma Kit. Whatever knee guards. And lastly, blue visor color. The colors I use are Grey and Blue. DISCLAIMER (I don't have all these yet, its just what I want my Spartan to look like.)
good luck Sgtlorax69
Darth Y7 wrote:
good luck Sgtlorax69
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