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Best Spartan Ops Moment

OP Mina Nidaria

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Ok, so yesterday I was playing Shootout in Valhalla, and there were two hunters I needed to kill before Simmons and Grif dropped off the Mantis (easter egg FTW). So I chuck a plasma at the hunter, but he started charging me with his shield at the same time. The shield bashes my grenade into the sky, and I forgo killing my adversaries to look for it. At first I figured that they had whacked it either behind me or out of the map, but 5 seconds later as I was kiting the hunters, I see it fall down behind them xDD I was laughing so hard that I allowed the hunters to slap me.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to save the video =(

Anyways, what was your best Spartan Ops moment? Be it epic or funny or just plain rotten luck, I want to read about it
By some sort of sick and twisted scenario on the Defending the Generators mission, a teammate of mine used the Mantis Stomp and I don't know how, but it sent my flying into the air, don't really know how did I survive, but when I fell down, I landed on an Elite and Assassinated him... brings back those memories of trying to get the "If they came to hear me beg" Achievement from Reach.
Unfortunately, I didn't get to save the video =(

Makes me wish we had theatre for Spartan Ops i coudl take such epic snapshots if this was available
LOL that was a good achievement! ^^^

My favorite was in I believe episode 8 chapter three... You go up that long winding path. After you take out the enemies at the top you go down a big cliff. I found a Gravity Hammer on the cliff... Went down and assassinated some knights then took out some hunters with the hammer. I was shouting with glee as I smashed the hammer on those hunters... Great fun!
In the cut scene where the Hunter shoved aside a Grunt. Then the game loads, and I went right after him only to get whipped like an addled school boy. Re spawned, hit him with 2 PG and... Foiled again.

It was then that I realized I was playing on Legendary, which helped to explain why my Hunter tactics wasn't working.
in that one mission with scorpions in season 1.5 a scorpion got dropped on my head and it started spazzing out and my body flew! XD

Also jumping onto the Lich in a warthog sort of reminded me of the ending of halo 3
Best moment is when i manage to jump on top of a hunter and make them spin in circles, which results in me just smacking them with my rifle.Though lately i haven't been able to do it.

The other time was when i went airborne in a warthog and landed on top of 3 elites.That was satisfying.

The most incredible spartan ops moment for me however is whenever i shoot a Grunt in the face, it is the most satisfying moment ever buhahahaha.Silly Grunts.
C4E5 Didact's Gift I believe it was. I was playing solo legendary and I had the last Promethean Commander to kill. I had died and respawned on top of the building with the gravity lift. I jumped off and was able to pull off the assassination where you rip their back out. First time I've seen that one. It was epic.
Favorite Spops moment:

Using an empty sword through out an entire mission thinking
It wasn't really specific to me only, but in Chapter 3 of Episode 6 when you get up to the last light bridge on Warrens and Energy Sword-wielding Elites charge you at the same time as teleporting Prometheans was a moment where I actually felt terror and intimidation. I froze for a millisecond, said an audible, "Oh, -Yoink-" then got to work and had a great time doing so. That and later on in the season the first time I encountered Elites with Promethean weapons. It was a moment of pure confusion because I doubted I'd even just seen it.
My friends and I huddled around a Phantom expecting it to drop enemies for us to destroy, to our surprise when a bunch of floating plasma pistols came out and devastated us.

Then there was that time when we found a hunter that was about 2 inches tall, but still made me fly across the map when it punched me in the toe.

Thank you for removing theater modes for Campaign and Spartan Ops 343!(Sarcasm)
Starting a mission with 4 players, having 2 players quit immediately, working together with the other guy and ending the mission with 0 deaths for either of us. No mics.
Another reason why we need Theatre.

I haven't had that many cool moments in Spartan Ops, except a few funny glitches here and there, and working together as an epic team to get the mission done.
It was Episode 5, Chapter 5 when you have to go to the UNSC weapons cache when Miller finds an IFF tag or something there. I had active camo and made my way toward the objective, and there were about 6 Ghosts guarding it. I had snuck up behind one of the Ghosts and boarded it, and destroyed the other 5. It was awesome.
A door opened on one mission and literally 7+ suicide grunts came charging out with plasmas. lol i -Yoink- my pants
When Roland said "MAGIC!!!"
I had jetpack equiped, i assassinated a watcher and after i did i assassinated another one without touching the floor in Warrens, i cant remember which mission exactly but it had plenty of watchers.

In Spartan Thorne, when around 15 grunts jump of out a pelican... Took a wraith and went for a killionaire splatter. Rain of dead grunts was awesome!

Discovered a new assassination animation (at least new for me) during Hunting trip. Assassinated several Elite ranger when they were airborne, it was very cool.

Double hunter kill with mantis stomp during Shootout in Valhalla.


When Roland said "MAGIC!!!"
Shootout in Valhalla and Everything has gone Wrong, in both levels you are taking on a whole light cruiser-worth of Covenant.
My best moment was in Chapter 3 I believe, A had killed all but the last drop ship of enemies. It then lowered its hatches and released its load of Covenant.
I awaited their arrival on the ground, but did not notice anything other than a whole bunch of weapons... then one shot at me, then another.
That was when I found out that the 'mini-Covenant' glitch had happened.

I was laughing while I was being randomly pummeled by Storm Rifles and overcharged by Plasma Pistols that scampered across the ground.
All the cutscenes

Honestly, not much fun was had actually playing it, if someone asked if they should play it I'd tell them to just watch the cutscenes on youtube
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