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[Locked] Big News for MCC?

OP OhAlvarez

Not to ruffle anyones feather or get them to excited, but I heard a rumor/thought that the next MCC update might be a Halo Reach add-on. I want to know what your guys' thoughts are on this subject? Do you think they will add it? Would you end up paying for it? Like i said it might be just a speculation in the world of Xbox, but you never know. I'd love to see something like this happen though. Theres no reason not to if ODST made it as a DLC even though it had nothing with Master Chief, at least there is a Chief Easter Egg in Reach
That would be fantastic if true ! Hopefully
Hey OP, while Reach is a known community request on 343's end there haven't been any plans to release content like that right now. At the moment they're working on PGCR improvements and the Custom Games Browser. ODST was different because it was part of the apology for how MCC launched - it only got added as the game is based on Halo 3's engine which was already ported.

Feel free to leave your thoughts in one of the existing threads about its inclusion