It doesn't bother me. I'm used to a wider one as I'm primarily a pc gamer, but as long as everyone is constricted to the same limited FoV, it's no big deal.
I was wondering what that was. It always fealt like I was disoriented. I would always look at my radar and then at the screen and curious as to where the other guy went.

I don't think they would change something that set in stone though. It would be a very drastic change to what they had in mind for the game. Probably just going to have to excercise the instincts in a different way.
As a PC gamer, I get really angry when games have a locked FOV, 80-90 FOV is ideal for me but surprisingly Halo 4's FOV seems just fine.

Some people have health conditions where they can get sick when having a low FOV, usually motion sickness. I don't have this problem but I do get headaches when I'm playing on some games with a low FOV, Halo has never been one of these games!

Wish it was a bit wider, but the current state of it is just fine.
Halo has always had an extremely low FoV, and I'm one of those people who gets motion sickness because of this. However, the low FoV is only unbearable if I'm sitting close to the monitor. For example, the PC I'm typing this reply on, which I also play games on, has a 23" monitor, so I sit relatively close (roughly 1.5 - 2 feet away). My preferable FoV is 98, at this distance. If I were to play Halo on this monitor, I would have a headache within a few minutes. I'm honestly not exaggerating, sadly, because I would play it on this monitor, if it didn't make me sick. I've played other FPS games on this monitor with a low FoV (anything under 84, for me) and I've gotten a headache very quickly. The monitor I have my consoles plugged into is 32", so I sit at a pretty good distance away from it (about 4.5 - 5 feet away). At this distance, I still get a headache from the low FoV, but it takes about an hour for that to happen. Either way, the low FoV is uncomfortable no matter how I look at it. It's unfortunate.
Unfortunately, Spartan's visors are only so wide ;)
The FoV is supposed to mimic what you would see when wearing the helmet, right?