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Blue flames missing as of a couple hours ago

OP Oddball Spartan

My blue flames are missing right after they reset the weekly challenges it switched me to the default effect because everyone was a recruit , now I don't have my blue flames , id really like to that that back, I hope t will only be a little while as it took a little whilefornour ranks to come back as well xoxo
This happened to me as well. 343i please read I need my blue flames they mean so much to me.
Yeah, this has happened to me as well. Kinda sad that i don't have them anymore.
Also my name plate for combat evolved is gone
I hoped on and noticed my flames were gone as well. And joined a team slayer match with all high levels, assuming there back from 360 days, none of us had nameplates either. I had mine locked on the star.
Mine are gone too, i hope it gets resolved soon :\
It's fixed now gg.