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Broken sliding door (made w/ gravity volumes)

OP itBray

Hey everyone, I just wanted to make this topic because I have had an issue with something after the recent update.

I figured out how to create a door that would open when pushed by using gravity volumes. How it works: Have a moveable object spawn in at the beginning of a round and then have two overlapped gravity volumes spawn a couple seconds after. When you run into it, it is supposed to open and it worked fine for about the first week when I built it.

I noticed it stopped working after the update and while I don't know if that was the cause, that is the only idea I can have for why it is doing this.

The reason it breaks is because either the gravity volumes or the crate will not spawn in if the other is present as long as their objects intermesh. That means that if I have a crate spawn at start and have my volumes spawn 2 seconds later, the volumes will not spawn because the crates are "in the way". I am not sure how to fix it and it is most likely just a glitch that can maybe be fixed with a TU or something of the sort, just thought I should put it out there in case it can help any one else :)
nice job OP
i gotta try this out!