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Can you still get the MP and CQB helmets?

OP TheRealNeal99

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noble106 wrote:
I'll say the same thing I did in another thread.

- Open Waypoint
- Ignore initial half -Yoink- techno score. Wait for awesome Martin O'Donnel compositions.
- Scroll all the way to the left.
- Select "Waypoint Career." Take notice where your achievements and Milestones are.
- Scroll left again.
- If the fake Halo music creeps back in again, be sure to mute your TV or wait for some true Martin O'Donnel musicianship.
- Select "Halo: Reach Armor." From their you can look at your armor unlock requirements.

So basically...

Waypoint -> Waypoint Career -> Halo: Reach Service Record -> Halo: Reach Armor

You're welcome.
i love you
Oh boy I'm getting mp
Ok I'm having a little difficulty
So you cant get this on Xbox One?
Chrisp6184 wrote:
So you cant get this on Xbox One?
I think you'd have to reinstall the game on XO
What is XO?
Good to know it still works, my console has issues loading the waypoint app. It's a bit of a shame because its a halo 4 console. Tried redownloading too.
You can, but you have to complete the requirements on XBOX 360, and have the corresponding games like Halo 3 and Halo 3 ODST. I thinks it is only valid on XBOX 360 on this moments.
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