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Custom games lobbies??

OP Just Whenever

Is there still people that play halo reach custom games lobbies because I want to buy it again and play
Define "custom games," because you'll be lucky to find people who don't just scuttle together to play nothing but Assassination Tower 24/7 on that game.

If you're on Xbox One, you can try making a "Looking For Group" post, or a post in the Halo Club feed.
I still (try to) play custom games, my GT is halo7725. Like Uuv said, there are lots of posts on the "looking for group" page. Most of them are clan nonsense, but some actually turn out to be big custom game lobbies. My last custom games lobby from a post like that got me hooked up to like twelve players, all unknown to eachother. I ended up getting a few friends from that with whom I can play custom games again.