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deadeye or venator armor ........


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looking for these 2 armor , msg me on xbl same as username, have 2 codes for specializations
Deadeye sucks I rather venator
i suggest you only look for venator since it is better
I agree with BR3AK GEAR, Venator is way better than Deadeye and the latter isn't even worth searching for
Venator has a certain part to it that deadeye doesn't really have.
venator all the way! still use it in halo 5
had them all in this game. only dlc missing was fotus
Venator is better. Depends on your style though.
Venator is more aesthetically pleasing.
venanator is definitely the better armor
Venator, easy
I like them both equally. You could just earn Venator, you don't have to ask for that code.
Venator FTW
Venator is life! By the way can you get it by assassinations in multyplayer??? Like co-op battle off line?
i gotsem both yo.
Mark 5
Venator's skin, "BAYONET" is awesome.
Being honest, the only part of venator I really like is the shoulders
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